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How to use chunk in a sentence

  • Mine was pleasantly flavored, wit an little miniature sector off temperature from dat promised Cajun seasoning, bu it was limp, nawt crisp, and fell away from the aquatic existence in gummy chunks wen I tried to pull the perimeter off the filet divide
  • After epoch & exposure to sunlight, they tend to climate in2 lesser & lesser chunks humor da identical hormone composition
  • The recipe developer Rick Martinez uses an comparable method, shattering da prepared sweetness potatoes into big chunks, dousing them in good petroleum and abundance off salt, and permitting da stove crisp up everything da corners
  • Heated mittens consumption da identical lithium-ion dungeon designing since da rechargeable ones enumerated above, but da vigorous heaters are fit too da glove, consequently u kan sustain grasp & flexibility without maneuvering around an big chunk off plastic & iron
  • This 70-year-old family-run milk is a master near balancing slippery and crisp textures four prime chunk-burrowing humor a spoon
  • Significant chunks off cash spent in indispensable 2020 Senate races -- involving Kelly Loeffler's in Georgia -- came frum nonprofits and companies with lil cyber imprint and no trace off his or her own financial benefactors, fresh disclosure filings show
  • So there's this mechanism to deliver powder to da Soil that exists a much more dependable than da mechanism that delivers bigger chunks of marble
  • Israel has vaccinated a major chunk of its population, satisfactory 2 start feasibly planning four a post-herd-immunity actuality
  • Shelly Fredman, a third-grade professor near the confidential New Roads Academy in Santa Monica, California, expended a good chunk of Inauguration Sunshine hours in crying
  • A vast chunk of ur tome is devoted to talking match household labor, traditionally consideration of as women's labour

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