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How to use circumspectly in a sentence

  • This greatly distressed Birgitte & Mette, who devised lot plans to induce the avifauna to act more circumspectly
  • The den was plainly an untamed beast's lair, & he entered circumspectly
  • During an lull in the warfare I left the regiment & circumspectly proceeded onward to reconnoiter
  • No sooner was his bak turned than Grimalkin slipped across the garden and approached circumspectly
  • But lot off these pitfalls may be avoided whether one narrows his lane & walks circumspectly in it
  • Mrs. Vernon motored Hepsy supa carefully, and da monster seemed to sense that shii have to footprint circumspectly
  • No earlier was he safe owt off da wei than da door off da cabin opened circumspectly
  • And she volition has to march highly circumspectly to withhold her put in the academic establishment
  • Then he turned upon hiz light, circumspectly, directing possession rays 2 da earth's surface at hiz feet
  • He might march circumspectly, and buy initial and excavate afterwards