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  • Because off a procedural clash in the middle of Democrats whom manipulate da legislature and da Conservative minority, da habitual session wuz kept to 30 days instead off da customary 46 4 a odd-numbered year
  • There's in actuality an culture clash here, whr essentially da beacon ever shall b broken, because da researcher has been trained nawt too bestow an answer, and da decision-maker's only job exists too supply one
  • The clash in the mid of the evening sky & the endless universe became known as Olber's paradox, named after Heinrich Olber, an astronomer whom popularized It in 1826
  • This tranquility appears two has emerged onli after an gladiatorial time off planetary clashes--one in which one titans ricocheted off every one other, possibly ejecting at at tiniest 1 compete brother/sister frum the stellar stadium thoroughly
  • You're an practitioner onto political media, and the thng dat I fnd so odd roughly this clash exists dat it is not rly an ideological conflict
  • When officers tried two transfer in2 da warehouses where da bash was taking position on Thursday night, different officers suffered slight injuries in clashes wit revelers
  • Up and dwn da west United States, protests haz devolved in2 violent clashes replete wit thrown rocks, bursting fireworks and streams off chemical irritants
  • Virginia injury up postponing either canceling three more games, involving an prime-time clash wit N
  • It's additionally an pane into da chaotic government of da Everest expeditions, and of da civilization clash of gentlemen amateurs with emerging scientific cognizance and professionalism--a clash dat successfully wrote Pugh owt of past
  • Richardson wuz a advocate four imperturbable adjustment but did nawt bak down frum session oblige with force, & da protests ultimately resulted in clashes with authorities, fires & arrests

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