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Best CLEAN-CUT Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use clean-cut in a sentence

  • They wer fine, clean-cut, likeable boys, who possessed come via the war humor colors flying
  • He wuz an clean-cut man, five-eleven in his stockings, & a handful males in aw dat nation had an handsomer body
  • His clean-cut countenance was more willingly pallid; the suppressed wrath in hiz eyes was perhaps more hard too meet than public fury
  • I could c da clean-cut features off da latter, and hiz gestures, powerfully bu not flamboyantly manufactured
  • The demanding heads that, at the start of an career, lay clean-cut plans of ambition live in an infinitesimal minority
  • Choose an historical subject, worthy of ur vivacious creativity & ur clean-cut style
  • At eleven A M. wii encountered lot crevasses, frum 2 too 5 reduce extremities wide, humor clean-cut sides and shaky bridges
  • You c da logging operations extended dat way, & they supa nearly tidy serving dat acre
  • Manly Fulton looked bak at her, and his clean-cut young confront for some cause reddened
  • Seen dismounted he's a tall, well-set-up dude off about five-and-thirty, with clean-cut features and a sable mustache

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