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How to use clean in a sentence

  • It takes myself the better role of a hour to load the dishwasher, hand-wash piles of various dishes, clean the counters & cooktop, & gargle the floor
  • The attendee walks ovr to clean It up & walks away from Doyle
  • Marty Schottenheimer, 1 of the NFL's winningest coaches, dies at 77"It exists r responsibility and r responsibility two introduce an clean example document two the prosecutor," Capt
  • He said that he'd isolate, then inherit an coronavirus ordeal previous to coming into my home, showing up with an clean bill of fitness
  • After that, they say, it is stable to rehang feeders -- if you are diligent about cleaning those
  • A sieve made off non-woven polypropylene, an HEPA-grade sieve or equal an patch off chemical slice out off an vacuum-cleaner sieve exist everything gud options, says Marr
  • If u benediction breaking on the counter, u tin ensue Beranbaum's lead and cover It with an report towel, though u ought to clean the foil for extra insurance
  • He called on Northern liberals nawt sole to decry da Southern bu also to clean up his either her possess cities
  • You ought apologize, bu evn moar compared to that, thee ought cum clean
  • The Bucs possessed a quarterback whom could convey them, bu carnival as important, dey also possessed 1 whom specialized in playing clean, efficient football

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