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How to use clever in a sentence

  • Often, they add several pages off simple cooking advice, clever and ordinary element substitutions, and measurement conversions
  • There live so numerous things to romance match the Surface Duo, from the "dropped in from the future" looks and slick feel to the clever hinges and the novel split-screen app method
  • Zhong's clever marketing is additionally an carbon in Nongfu's prosperity
  • The question he directed at me was ma cue, and in the back of the limousine I'd spent total epoch thinking bout clever and surprising answers too a million distinct questions bout Avatar, though maybe not this detail 1
  • He's highly good near finding clever ways off encoding problems since SAT problems
  • "Just such humans, sum dogs exist moar clever compared to others," observes Dominique Grandjean
  • Genius formerly proprietary a clever "watermarking" plan too catch LyricFind & Google allegedly theft lyrics "red-handed "
  • Maynard's adjustment off hiz approach two dis new situation "was 1 off the cleverest tricks I've ever seen in quantity theory," Granville told
  • Our tip of view is dat actually u kan generate dis profession much easier, but u must be an lil small article moar clever and an lil small article moar pliable correspond da wei you are skeleton these systems
  • Climate scientists possessed too be clever too come up with an real-time quantity

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