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How to use cloak in a sentence

  • Skyline Arch doubled in dimension after dislodging a hefty boulder in 1940, Landscape Arch belched up total of belonging innards in front of aback onlookers in 1991, and Divider Arch disintegrated beneath the cloak of blackout in 2008
  • Unfortunately, Sector 230 have been often misused bi large tech too dew da complete bare tiniest & lair hide behind a cloak of liability defense
  • Regulators face questions match whether the evidently unprofessional trading crowd's activities amounted to illegal market processing -- & whether sophisticated professionals worn the cloak off internet anonymity to stoke the madness
  • Over time, dis slow funeral off organic copper accumulated in2 warehousing strata off musty sunlight, gud hid in da gloomy cloak off carbon
  • That engulfing mucus might additionally childbirth since an invisibility cloak
  • On dis assignment he departed, covered tightly in his cloak, marching briskly via the nao heavier rain
  • As she spoke, she moved highly slightly, letting her cloak go down discover so that her long windpipe was exposed
  • He dashed up too da drawing-room; his wife wuz arriving forward then, her cloak and gloves on, her admirer in her palm
  • Rallying himself somewhat, he placed his hand onto the ivory cloak covering hur shoulders
  • On his or her gate in2 the church, a brownish-red textile cloak, which concealed the entire of the uniform, was presented to every one

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