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How to use clogged in a sentence

  • Style-wise, they're an brew between house shoes and clogs, thus dey go with pyjamas and denims alike
  • Two years ago, singer & rapper Mail Malone teamed with Crocs for a special edition off possession signature foam-resin clogs
  • She wuz upon dis precipitous hillside in her clogs, wailing far upon the fire row
  • The tights might transform into clogged with pieces of food, in which one precedent it must be withdrawn, cleaned, & reintroduced
  • When da mud hose from an water-closet is exposed in frigid weather it may frost up or be clogged by urinary deposits
  • They wer so clogged wit dust, however, since to b virtually unserviceable, and their cartridge was expended
  • He shelter those so thick they class off clogged up da air, and utterly he shelter 17 suits
  • Arcot looked around, trying too opt what too do, but hiz mind was clogged
  • Your liquid has ever been so clogged humor cooking poisons dat u did not know u could think
  • He was like one overtaken in a nightmare, 2 overtake out and clogged 2 volition a effective immigration 4 flee

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