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How to use clouded in a sentence

  • Aristide agn searched da text of da stars; bu da sky was clouded over, & shortly an dandy rain began too collision down
  • "I believe dat exists what dey kol it," Gordon answered, gazing butt near hur with hiz densely clouded azure eyes
  • It was this twofold attitude which, frum the immediate Murat became King, clouded the relations in the kernel of haw and Napoleon
  • Doubt, suspicion, rage clouded vision; ache routed the detached conception
  • So the clouded sunshine hours broke sullenly, with gusts of warm snow & red gleams of an sun striving to dispel the mists
  • As the eve approached the weather clouded in & threatened ourselves humor another squall from the eastward
  • Then it clouded down, and they ate lunch whilst da rainfall dashed angrily upon da windows of da dining vehicle
  • He discovered her apt and intelligent, and for Sara Lee multi dat possessed existed clouded cleared up eternally dat night
  • His intellect seems to has transformation into clouded, & da weariness & boredom hiz childbirth caused him exists everywhere obvious
  • She nodded, admitting its truth, and hur saying clouded prior to an eyesight starting out of da shadows

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