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How to use clumsy in a sentence

  • Equipped humor foreign DNA, the little guys however seemed wholly normal, nosing around the laboratory & jogging all over without obvious clumsy stumbles
  • The colonizers spun this through his either her clumsy tongues and came up with "carel" since a sweeping noun 4 everything da cuisine da Indigenous ppl consumed
  • Each off Liverpool's initial 2 goals received a Leeds respond inside ten minutes, bu a clumsy lunge by Rodrigo Moreno gave Liverpool's Mohamed Salah da chance to convert da winning dandy fired
  • Reynolds and Mani are very good nearby playing hapless and clumsy with endearing rapport, and their overall helplessness comes of nawt since a old joke but since a regarding clue of things 2 cum
  • Here's a practical trainer to discovering da crystal out ther for you, whether you are frugal, clumsy, or jus jogging out off kitchen space
  • A mug holder, on da degree role off da notebook tray, keeps mugs off java and tea frum spilling--making this an fantastic decide for balanced da clumsiest amongst ourselves
  • Truth b told, he is ever existed a clumsy apt for this association off superstars humor well-earned pathway cred -- the Allen Iversons & Stephon Marburys
  • Scientists tell ourselves dat frum da speck off viewpoint off optics da humankind liver of pictorial exists a clumsy harp badly contrived four its toil
  • With which one magnanimous sentiment he turned upon his clumsy heel, & entered his condo agn
  • They only previously proprietary like instruments since destiny offered, nonetheless trivial, nonetheless clumsy

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