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Best CO-WORKER Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use co-worker in a sentence

  • Pallavicino, the pro-dictator, Manin's classic co-worker and Garibaldi's friend, courteously appealed 2 him 2 depart
  • There wuz another co-worker upon The Golden Age ago the tome wuz finally completed
  • Adam watched his co-worker drudgery upstairs da sheaves, and den grabbed them from her and pitched them upon da pile random
  • It was written bi Nathaniel Appleton, a co-worker with Otis, and a developed thinker onto the topic of emancipation
  • No wonder dat the despot scorned hiz partly irresponsible co-worker
  • The moar man increases in knowledge & intellectual capacity, da moar effective he becomes as a co-worker wit da good principle
  • "Over 12 pound apiece," told da joyful Mr. Kidd as he bade his co-worker good night
  • If da co-worker exists in everything an lady and an fitting ornament two society, da hostess might supa potentially ask her
  • Professor Hemmingwell considered himself fortunate 2 have an man of Troy's capacity not onli as an co-worker, bu as an near mate
  • She was an passionate co-worker humor her spouse in hiz lab and materially aided him in hiz labors

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