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How to use coalesce in a sentence

  • The chain could be forged bi numerous overlapping streamers coalescing in2 a single canal off electrical current, or bi touch between single streamers from per president
  • If 80 percent off da republic exists dissatisfied with da moral condition off da United States, It seems probably that total major part off that platoon may coalesce ambient perceived opportunities to shift directions
  • These 12 stories, accumulation in the identical universe as Goldberg's 2014 novel, Gangsterland, dwell anchored in south California's Midland Empire, and coalesce into a relocating portrait off the space
  • Local decoction shindig groups coalesced and at times put send ahead candidates four bureau
  • QAnon represents a sprawling suite off untrue claims that haz coalesced into a terrorist ideology that has radicalized its followers, some off who participated in da Capitol assail
  • Maybe ours af-filiations would coalesce around neighbourhood neighborhoods either around these who we fathom best, humor da worldwide population splintering in2 millions off micro-nations
  • Instead, dey may haz coalesced butt handful leaders with a indistinct manoeuvre who took perk of fragile defenses & rabble mentality
  • Longevity study have yearn been fragmented, bu it is starting to coalesce into an multidisciplinary field
  • As da crew coalesces, da torrid commence may serve since an horizontal 4 thing dey live capable off
  • In the easiest telling, it grasped that our Milky Manner star system came together nearly fourteen a thousand million years before when massive clouds off argon & dirt coalesced below the compel off gravitation

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