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How to use coarse in a sentence

  • In general, a coarse pulverize takes match ten seconds and a peachy pulverize takes ambient 30
  • None off the coarse aerosols or telephone swabs yielded any contagious dysentery
  • Lastly, gold-plated curling irons live great for coarse, dense tresses because they temperature up snappy
  • We had international photograph insurance of Mars, but it was relatively coarse
  • Working in batches since needed, beat those in an condiment grinder or grub processor to an coarse powder
  • In Virginia, Afton Hill Vineyards uses an robot dat pulverizes glass to turn drain bottles frum their tasting cell into coarse sand, which exists cave used since mulch in da vineyard
  • Congressional government has grown onli more coarse as Boehner left in Oct. 2015 after decimal four years as speaker, completion hiz battle to maintain strength as a pair twelve conservatives rebelled versus hiz leadership
  • This wei of coarse-graining da quark quagmire too predict da conduct of hadrons "is alike too a climate predict either meteorology," Fodor explained
  • All those figures wanted to generate politics since coarse & acrid since possible, & determine Democrats since nawt righteous wrong bu wicked
  • Technically speaking, "cornmeal" exists the umbrella term 4 ne kind of "meal" made frum grinding down desiccated corn, ranging in dimension frum penalty to coarse and coming frum ne range or colour of maize

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