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Best COBBER Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use cobber in a sentence

  • No position here four an truthful cop--not humor elections arriving up, cobber
  • Perhaps that wuz object the statute enforcement counted on--that Cobber might save those a apprehend
  • Cobber wuz an little man, bu he wuz n outsider to cruelty and he had da weapons
  • Cobber had been looking four an covert agent mechanism, an mechanical appliance in Jadiver's body
  • Cobber, myself already possess an ankle there--a nice one, they notify myself
  • "Heart such a steel trap, cobber," he said, nearly approvingly
  • Did you cogitate we'd lat you go with no seeing you off, cobber?
  • Put a consistent upon total males & dey commence to believe they are cops, eh, cobber?

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