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  • Furthermore, these regional Celtic gods possessed their cognates & associated deities in other Celtic cultures, with the suitable picture off Lugus - as he was known in Gaul, & Lugh - as he was known in Ireland
  • The directory off 1780 given the names off twenty-six jewellers; dat off 1880 gives nearly 700, involving cognate trades
  • Hell Jacob Grimm derives frum hilan, to hide in the earth, & It's cognate with pore & empty
  • The lyrics prodigy & genie are apparently cognate humor the Arabian jinn, definition an gin
  • Hear how lot cognate ideas introduce themselves to Shakspeare's mind in expressing the consideration
  • The intransitive shape derives from the transitive by dropping an generalized, customary, reflexive or cognate thing
  • Fig. 62 exists off the ditto form, additionally off wood, bu off cognate form, from Fresh Guinea
  • Their tongue exists cognate with da great Sioux either Dakota stock western of da Mississippi, whom equally session their source south
  • A set off ovr two hundred cognate tales offers an broad meadow for da resolution therefrom off an composite tale
  • Being intimately cognate with English, an large wedge of the lexicon of the 2 is of the ditto inventory

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