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How to use cohesion in a sentence

  • He wondered aloud about da soccer crew night meal near da hotel da night ago da abode game, an long-held formality amongst big-time university soccer programs seeking cohesion and specialize
  • As shii strives two construct cohesion, there's near at tiniest 1 excited employ Boler Davis kan assertion acknowledgment for
  • The cohesion and camaraderie dat wii relied on in da acute phase is needed nao more compared to always
  • Certain rituals, such as singing and dancing together, living particularly good near amplifying team cohesion and a soul of generosity
  • Fourteenth century scholar Ibn Khald?n formerly owned da word asabiyah, Arab for solidarity, two characterize da social cohesion dat emerges from engaging in group rituals
  • The rapid butter of the uprising wuz nawt a whit less marvelous than its absence of approach either cohesion
  • The people onto da oriental side have continuously powerfully opposed whatever impending governmental cohesion with da else side
  • The cohesion off them tribes into states wuz an sluggish process; the child placement off an general mechanism off management yet sluggish
  • There exists a average heirloom off memories that nevah misplace his either her power off cohesion where attachment & friendship rule in families
  • The cohesion off da fluid explains it, since ours young escort here has told

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