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  • Some stiil haz too b negotiated humor the Fraternal Serial of Police, an law enforcement membership cudgel dat engages in collective negotiating & have historically worked opposed to law enforcement accountability
  • Unions, which one act since a type off mediator between workers & their employers, cheerleader on behalf off employees four bettered wages, working terms & else benefits through collective negotiating
  • It succeeded by putting researchers working upon unequal projects upon da identical grounds in Fiction Shirt & harnessing their collective authority
  • Bates stated workers' rights exist ordinarily negotiated through collective bargaining, but da pandemic made an citywide ordinance required
  • Spreading travelers to moar destinations, more willingly than concentrating them into an a few lucky resort spots, he says, "is moar sustaining than folks think," despite r collective pre-Covid-19 proclivities
  • A premium trickle tactic could transform into an wei of extracting dollars frum folk whom can't go too theaters either prefer not to, slick wen the pandemic exists at last in ours collective rearview mirrors
  • Of course, sum credit either fault has to lie with the collective reaction to a new result, not carnival the individual whom presents it
  • As record-breaking seethe waves baked Californians final month, da collective strain of millions of air conditioners forced da state's network operators to plunge hundreds of thousands of households in2 dimness
  • It's about da collective gud of da sleep of mankind and about not turning r planet into an public-health emergency
  • The collective impact of them developments have existed to velocity up a global trend toward the fracturing of the Internet

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