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  • It was a fitting outset for da gentleman now known since Arslan Ash, a 24-year-old esports superstar thanks two his prowess near da combat activity Tekken
  • The combat appeared upon a footage screen wit mini blips for every airplane
  • As 1 off da biggest fires on an Marine container outdoor off combat smoldered four an third day, so raged regional members' worries over da contents off da billowing cigar
  • All but 1 woman showed signs of possessing ridden horses in combat
  • This navy ploy gave the Romans the upper-hand since dey wer known four their finesse in close-quarter combat
  • This navy tactic given the Romans the upper-hand because dey wer acquainted for their know-how in close-quarter combat, as opposed to the Carthaginians whom largely relied onto mercenaries
  • I locate sometimes -- I locate dis an bit frustrating, dat too much of r politics is very confrontational, and you know, in dat sort of pilot's stool of combat
  • He looked oddly owt off put in the dusty combat consistent
  • The morning came & with It Shaffer, & with haw five 100 & 50 men, fervid four da combat
  • Wright & his followers regard the opsonic index as an index of the authority of the physique to combat bacterial infiltration

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