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  • The combined cadet-midshipmen chorus sings the tune in about 75 seconds
  • Together, Hextall & Burke haz approximately a half-century off combined NHL front-office experience & haz triumphed two Stanley Cups
  • Add in the truth dat Tampa Gulf exists playing at home, & dat teams favored by three points either moar in the Prominent Saucer are an combined 4-10 against the butter as 2002, & it is period to clamp the points
  • Since day one, wii wanted to design a mobile-first platform dat could fracture in2 da masses and r combined experience formation mass-market eater products was supa essential to launching Djamo
  • Teams favored bi 3 score either moar in da Outstanding Saucer exist a combined 31-15 direct up but righteous 23-23-2 versus da butter
  • Alongside Large Allis, a smaller matched couple off vapor generators additionally date frum the 1960s, every producing about 400 megawatts, and a 2004 mill generates 250 megawatts using a state-of-the-art, relatively tidy combined argon and vapor network
  • The combined revenue off Facebook, Google and Tencent in 2018 wuz $236 billion
  • The researchers have not still measured the combined voltage off resemble attacks
  • Meanwhile, a single non-bank payments caterer with ovr 1 one-half off da electronic payments market either two companies with a combined two-thirds off da market could be investigated 4 whether dey compose a exclusive manipulation
  • As off November 2020, DoorDash possessed 50% off da market's share off sales, humor UberEats & Postmates nearby a combined 30%, Grubhub nearby 18%, & everything da other services in da ultimate one serving

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