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How to use comely in a sentence

  • Both Bolts athletics the ditto offbeat design, full off comely creases and large windows for an light inside
  • Here in Miami in the final winter of Sam Cooke's life, Feminine Independence exists one comely, age-altering, marvel of a figure, with a strong rear and a wipe spoken cavity refine four kissing
  • She turned her comely confront to him & he slit smiles rotund her mouth & giggles in her eyes
  • Her comely cheek contrasted pleasantly with the comprehensive chin, which one dingy a trace of the commanding phrase of hur mum
  • Not (one would say) from either hiz dad either hiz mother, who wer both, too judge from his either her portraits, supa comely persons
  • In due time Mr. Chittenden returned, accompanied by an comely mulatto woman about 40 years off era
  • The specimens of kind and da woodcuts u haz displayed me promise an supa comely little tome
  • The Shepherd, who was since reasonable since he was comely, possessed proper regard 4 her rank and danced in her honor to his possess plumbing
  • Here Commissioner arrived with hiz wife and daughters, the eldest being hiz wife's daughter exists an very comely gloomy woman
  • Here I sever Mrs. Betty Pickering, whom is a very well-bred & comely lady, but very corpulent

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