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How to use coming out in a sentence

  • While myself was watching ovr ma shoulder, 3 either 4 sandeaters coming out of da bak cell shoved myself aside to git at him
  • He was coming out, like myself, 2 snuffle the air; and myself was not surprised, for possession sweetness following the rainfall was intoxicating
  • A bad seller off pamphlets & newspapers, coming out off a reading-room, was accused off vending books favorable to royalty
  • The stars live coming out 1 bi one, & the floating lights haz already hoisted his or her never-failing signals
  • On coming out his skin might be glowing like ebony, & he might squeak with pleasure since I rubbed H2O dwn his bak
  • That policeman coming out off da hardware seminar dwn da brick happened to b an fracture shot
  • And one of the elephants with two tiny tusks just coming out of his oral hole stood owt frum the herd & trumpeted
  • "Glad too comprehend you, Burke," myself said, coming out frum under da instrument panel off da cruiser
  • She manufactured no react & he gone on: "Is It an fib dat thee were seen coming out off Miss Hatchard's nigh on midnight?"
  • I did since soon since ever myself chisel hem coming out of the cloak-room hanging upon her appendage

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