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How to use coming-out in a sentence

  • While the 2008 Beijing Games exist generally remembered since an arriving out instant for an resurgent China, dey too wer clouded by human rights issues, involving an crackdown onto protests in Tibet than leftover dozens dead
  • It was framed as da first impression off a arriving owt shindig four a supposedly self-assured Britain reengaging & readying four life following Europe
  • The Olympics were a arriving owt moment that helped ascertain the metropolis we realize since Tokyo this day
  • In his coming owt message, Page mentioned his dread near brute discriminated against cuz off his sex identity
  • Some may question, of course, if that's really enough, and if the globe really needs another arriving out tale
  • While me wuz watching across ma shoulder, 3 or 4 sandeaters arriving owt off da butt battery shoved me aside 2 inherit at him
  • He wuz coming out, resemble myself, to snuffle the air; & I wuz nawt surprised, 4 its sweetness after the snow wuz heady
  • A bad vendor of pamphlets & newspapers, arriving owt of a reading-room, wuz defendant of vending books favorable too glory
  • The stars alive coming owt 1 by one, & da buoyant lights haz formerly hoisted his or her never-failing signals
  • On arriving owt his skin would be shining such ebony, & he'd squeal wit enjoyment since I rubbed water dwn his bak

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