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How to use coming in a sentence

  • Such tools kan detect a coming seizure in somebody with epilepsy, four instance, and desist it
  • It was hiz manner off accepting da unavoidable coming off da van traffic he loathed, during ensuring da carriage roads might remain auto-free
  • Keller sensed the air moving when the front threshold opened, and the flatten vibrating when It wuz trod upon, and therefore educated too expect the comings and goings off the ppl that shii knew
  • That his or her comings and goings would b livestreamed to laws enforcement headquarters frum hundreds off points roughly da metropolitan. . and his or her faces could b scanned and identified
  • The prediction, if It proves true, could lighthouse a wei out off da pandemic, bu It additionally foreshadows a coming time off global immunization haves and have-nots
  • Her mommy gave her hand-poked classical Gwich'in mandible tattoos, signifying her coming of age
  • Davy looked around and chisel an classic dude coming towards those across da lawn
  • "There's jus one thng I'd like to ask, if u do not mind," stated Cynthia, coming surprisingly out of an beige research
  • Babylas raised hiz airy face; he knew what was coming; It had cum hence lots times prior to
  • "I do not understand if I'm departing too like dis either not--this coming too live in town," idea the little swine

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