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How to use coming in a sentence

  • Such tools kan detect a coming seizure in somebody with epilepsy, for instance, and prevent It
  • It wuz hiz manner of accepting the inevitable coming of the automobile traffic he loathed, during ensuring the bearing roads would remain auto-free
  • Keller sensed the atmosphere touching when the fore door opened, and the horizontal vibrating when it was trod upon, and so learned to anticipate the comings and goings of the people that shii knew
  • That his or her comings and goings might b livestreamed two police headquarters from hundreds off touchdown roughly the town. . and his or her faces could b scanned and identified
  • The prediction, if it proves true, could beck a wei owt off the pandemic, bu it additionally foreshadows a coming interval off worldwide vaccination haves and have-nots
  • Her mother gave her hand-poked standard Gwich'in chin tattoos, signifying her coming of age
  • Davy looked ambient and slash a primeval dude coming toward them across da turf
  • "There's jus 1 thng I'd such 2 ask, whether u don't mind," stated Cynthia, coming unexpectedly out off an suntan learn
  • Babylas raised hiz airy face; he knew what wuz coming; It possessed cum consequently lot times before
  • "I don't know whether I'm going 2 such dis or not--this coming 2 exist in town," thinking da lil swine

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