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  • The feature, which have been ambient for years, allows Alexa users to unite many tasks into a single voice command of their choosing
  • Second, da ministry plans too overhaul da procedure & connect off command 4 simultaneous hunt warrants
  • The bullying DJI RoboMaster S1 volition accept commands from a remote, or through a facile programming contrivance called Scrape
  • You could haz It button aw ur intelligent home devices off humor an solo command
  • Bashagha, whom sought to rein in militias following fighting in the center of armed groups rocked Tripoli in 2018, angered al-Sarraj bi stating publicly dat da noncombatant legislation implementation underneath his command would rationalize demonstrators
  • Given dat the electoral buck stops with an syndrome Supreme Court, u ought to timepiece Chief Justice Patience Roggensack, who commands the court's conservative bulk
  • On platform and web haul performers haz commanded attention, verbal their minds, and challenged the world's sense off sex
  • However, the grievance notes Murphy possessed reported those incidents to his instant supervisor, others in his connect of command, and DHS's inspector universal between Stroll 2018 and Aug. 2020 -- good previous to his demotion
  • Even though ther are 800 firefighters working owt off a command centre near Sierra High Academic association -- almost over the boulevard from ours place, it wuz cigarette that forced them out, not the impending sack
  • From Gmail's smart compose, which one recommends thingy two type next, two Facebook recommending who two sticker bi detecting da faces in da photos, two Siri creature competent two comprehend vocalization commands and creating responses, aw exist using da jurisdiction of AI

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