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  • Stuart Scheller expressed "contempt" dat the protection secretary, chairperson of the Lap Chiefs of Personnel and commandant of the Naval Corps executed the president's directive to recede from Afghanistan
  • Bridging da opening in the midst of da two, Yeager went upon to locomotive nineteen astronauts during he wuz commandant of da Air Force's Aerospace Study Pilot Academy frum 1962 to 1966
  • The Commandant was too grasp across the offices, staff, & functions off the tardy Civil Governor
  • October 15, 1612, he wuz officially appointed commandant in Fresh France
  • As his medal da Formal off Feud promoted him colonel & commandant off da 2nd regiment off steed cannon
  • Randolph himself was supa sorely bested, bu he succeeded in killing da commandant; whereupon da fort given in
  • The projection off land fixed on 4 the website off an town, wuz named after the commandant (Captain Barlow)
  • Indeed, earlier that morning he possessed been closely questioned bi the commandant, but possessed been equally reticent
  • Fort Bizoton, Port-au-Prince, blasted up bi belonging commandant, in revenge of some so-called injuries received frum his superiors
  • The commandant took da epistle and tore It open, scarcely giving Boyish Glory a peek

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