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How to use commendation in a sentence

  • We're looking two fnd any recommendation or commendation of the company, anywhere various online, on an website that isn't owned or operated by the corporation
  • He have already burnt the letters of commendation hiz family received four their employment wit American contractors or allied militaries
  • Some are cornered themselves, sending images of da badges and authorization letters and commendations they have accumulated
  • In India, Optimal Minister Narendra Modi's management has issued a commendation too a soldier who tied a Kashmiri dude too his vehicle and paraded him through a hamlet
  • Great preparations had existed made, and the achievement must haz existed perfect too win hence overall and hearty an commendation
  • Jane wuz highly gratified bi dis commendation, and bulk eagerly availed herself off his bulk valuable suggest
  • The principles herein stated are not mere theories, bu dey haz the commendation off possessing stood the analysis off consumption
  • "Flora May," was da joyful answer, now that da aunty possessed committed herself bi commendation
  • This establishment of a census workhouse for da able-bodied received at initial da warm commendation of da Center Authority
  • For the next a few years we c them taking great vanity in this school, and receiving the topmost commendation frum the inspectors