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  • The commission issued an demand 4 proposals but nevah awarded an concord
  • Digital teams are paid on commissions, nawt a full-time equal precedent thus the income exists fewer stable either expected -- this puts any CFO either economic director on the defensive
  • The commission have still too officially trophy the labour too ne contractors
  • The state commission dat oversees redistricting has decided to accommodate the state's dean twelve non-English languages, which does not contribute Somali either Oromo, & advocates anxiety they'll be further close out off the process this year without interpretation
  • If translation is needed in bonus language, the commission volition render it if it gets 24 hours' developed notice
  • The statute wuz based upon recommendations bi a commission of tactic experts and lawmakers whom presented da parliament with a grim illustration of da flow state of education in Maryland
  • Brokerage commission charges haz existed failing for decades, and Robinhood took It da following stride by dropping charges 2 nothing
  • On da other hand, costlier products exist probably to haz lower commission rates
  • He frequently accumulation self-regulating barter orders with hiz agent to "ensure dat he might not exclude da expense increase of da inventory whilst he was in school da following day," da commission told
  • Larger companies fend heightened commissions by explaining they provision an aid dat might price da eatery era & money two run themselves

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