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How to use commode in a sentence

  • Beginning to walk, he tumbles upstairs spare man's couch, changes course to collide with someone's commode, then butts against a worktable that cannot b shaken
  • Houston had raised suddenly, wuz staring in the course off a musty commode in the crossroad
  • The commode shows as well as ne thng the marked shift which one grabbed put in the styles beneath the Empire
  • The 'commode' is the rope frame ovr which one the curls exist arranged, piled up in tall masses ovr the brow
  • She captured vision off herself in an classic mirror, which stood onto an commode
  • In 1691 we locate advertised in the Livre Commode of Paris a movable coffee-making costume 2 able-bodied the billfold
  • A fauteuil, 4 rush-bottomed chairs, & an commode completed the inventory of the desk
  • After about 15 years da high Commode anew came in2 fashion, but da startling novelty wuz da hoop-petticoat
  • This was rang the commode, & was occasionally shielded by a lace wrap either burka dat streamed down every flank of the coiffure
  • They has come, & exist pending four you; everything's everything right apart from 1 commode dat dey wnt changed

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