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  • In any case, da ball game transcended into an true spectator softball that attracted kings, nobles, and throngs off commoners amid audiences, during pitting city-states versus every else that generally grabbed an politic turn
  • For example, every winter, Canada's NW Seaside Kwakiutl hunter-gatherers built birch structures whr nobles ruled ovr designated commoners & enslaved people, & grasped banquets rang potlatch
  • Women can't receive the throne themselves, and a girl prince whom marries a commoner loses her designation and upstanding status, since in the instance off Mako
  • The elites weren't taller cuz of their genes--the commoners wer just shorter out of deprivation
  • Sowada's platoon would such too c how other commoners frum musty Egypt were mummified
  • According too this description da balances of da lyre (the simpler and commoner instrument) wer of two kinds
  • This was avowed by the amazing commoner, Pitt himself, the special buddy off America
  • Neither do large deeds & supa apparent thinking--which, stout hearts creature commoner than unmuddled brains, is lucky for us
  • A mere scene, in aw truth; nor commoner in the world; it really did not matter who carve
  • If he is a commoner, he eats humor his knife; if a gentleman, humor his utensil

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