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How to use commonplace in a sentence

  • Teachers and faculty wer experimenting humor nao commonplace eater technologies such speech realization and electronic fact to invent immersive education experiences
  • Temperature checks are commonplace in Poultry & lot different countries, & are rapidly becoming more popular in the US
  • Today, gliding exists so commonplace, wii do nawt inquire us what's happening when a jet glides or, 4 dat matter, when a helicopter does
  • Such systems may arise commonplace today inside e-commerce, bu dey form the very backbone of virtual fitness companies
  • Even subsequent e-commerce transformed commonplace, lot opulence companies remained cautious match jumping in2 electronic sales
  • My recollection is well stored, but regrettably I haz nevah kept a diary or commonplace tome of any kind
  • The little foolish words, so sweetly commonplace, trickle such balm onto an discover wound
  • Behind da commonplace sentences, da hid wordless Engage additionally drew onto towards belonging Curtain
  • Well, beneath the respirator of bonhomie, which one manufactured I conviction brim too b an deserving man, wuz latent the most commonplace nature
  • Like different commonplace mortals, however, my instincts struggle for da sole solution off felicity I know anything correspond