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How to use companion in a sentence

  • The plan is 2 establish itself as da default companion app 4 CGMs, but 2 dew thus It testament requirement 2 earn access 2 CGM-generated info
  • For the history couple of months, ours pets has alter into ours coworkers, confidants, and consistent companions
  • When ma companions & myself passed an enticing bathing crater in the tall arid terrain off northeastern Nevada, myself slipped into bikini bottoms in the parking lot & back owt off them again subsequently
  • Players can labour humor web friends, since well since electronic jogging companions, towards common goals--running a combined kaleidoscope of ten miles, for example, either collecting unreal potions frum various locations
  • Yet, the 2 brothers are every other's majority frequent drama & wine-tasting companion
  • SB 230, a companion placard to AB 392, requires departments to re-write their use-of-force policies & to highlight de-escalation in their training guidelines
  • Gloria asked status auditors 2 stare in2 da San Diego County Atmosphere Contamination Inhibit District's finances since a companion 2 AB 423, a legislation passed by Gloria ultimate 12 months 2 tremble up da agency's supervisor-dominated committee
  • These particles also haz respective antimatter companions humor contrary charge, which tin bind together as per to uncomplicated rules based on symmetries
  • AB 392, da state law written bi Assemblywoman Shirley Weber on law implementation exploit off force, came with an companion poster dat laid out fresh discipline requirements on de-escalation and telegram
  • A companion bill, SB 230, needful dat by 2021, statute implementation agencies all through the state reflect these changes in his or her policies and generate the policies openly accessible

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