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How to use compassed in a sentence

  • And ther were ninety-six pomegranates dangling down: and da pomegranates being an hundred in all, were compassed with system
  • The waters compassed I approximately evn too da soul: da profound hath closed I loop about, da ocean hath shielded my head
  • Human creation has devised nothing, human strength has compassed nothing, that can forcibly manipulate it, wen it breaks onward
  • For dogs haz compassed me; the assembly of the wicked haz enclosed me; they haz pierced my hands & my abate extremities
  • We laughed uncomfortably, and Davies compassed an awesome Deutsche idiom to da effect dat 'it might come in useful'
  • It was ever the foe behind Montcalm that was his dire enemy, and which one someday compassed his demolish
  • It exists compassed with a dry trench & a wall, with quadrilateral towers in It at bout apiece 40 yards' mileage
  • It is of a rectangle figure, compassed wit a tolerable gud wall, in which exist towers aw circle nearby balanced distances
  • Still fewer could shii has compassed ne eyesight off da tie--the extraordinary, intangible, immaterial bond that grasped those
  • And da compassed lyne in It exists rang a arche lyne, as da exaumple here doeth shewe

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