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How to use compatibility in a sentence

  • I am presently education the manner to integrate secondhand video conferencing VOIP phones onto non-compatible platforms
  • It's also nawt lucent how the whiz database shall be congruent with the LGPD, the fresh input defence law
  • In another difference, this year's fresh phones live the two congruent wit superfast 5G Cyber
  • However, this matt off immunity exists nawt congruent with a utter bestow back to social behavior since existed previous to the pandemic
  • Whereas TuSimple is facility belonging own trucks, Waymo is intensive upon developing an hardware platform, Waymo Driver, that is congruent with anyone's trucks
  • I consent a fasten which one my logic tells me exists based onto health and sanity and compatibility
  • In this example difficulties lie in guessing da credibility of da devices & in achieving software compatibility
  • Dr. Blake so suggests more study off da compatibility off scion to stock, especially in deem to growth & bearing
  • It is above love, above compatibility, above slippery the inestimable sense of humour
  • What wii think off now is ethical and scholar and bodily compatibility; me mean, if wii are sensible people '