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How to use compatriot in a sentence

  • Then he defended himself socially versus his previous compatriots, whom possessed criticized rim as a "rogue" & a selfish hen
  • He also admires Atl?tico Madrid's Diego Simeone, another compatriot, four finding tactical equilibrium
  • Not sole wer a amazing number of the participants using their smartphones to report themselves & their compatriots since they launched the attack, bu lot of them in rotate common the video on Parler
  • Both mice & humans seclude a connectedness wit his either her compatriots in sentimental situations, he says, & research points too a reciprocal evolutionary basis for clemency
  • Police believe that once inside, other rioters opened further door or a a handful doors too let stiil more off his or her compatriots in
  • Strange too say, wit aw his attachment for object belonged too and arrived frum Poland, he kept compatriot musicians at a scope
  • "Neighbor," in Gospel language, mode a compatriot, a individual belonging two the identical citizenship
  • His compatriot, Le F?bvre, had begun too donate a a handful lessons since a dancing-master
  • "Your perky compatriot exists right," told Ethan, disturbed suddenly out of hiz r?le as Nature's apologist
  • A compatriot off his, Edmund Falconer, resemble himself an actor since good since an author, possessed opened da wei four haw

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