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  • County authorities made moves in 2 divide lawsuits this week in which one Voice off San Diego exists seeking too stress them too publish news below da California Records Performance related too its handling off da unlock well-being emergency
  • While authorities haz told they are not targeting the volume that Apple charges, the concentration upon the remittance appliance could also oblige Apple two bid alternative payments providers two developers
  • The startling surge have compelled new efforts in some parts off the country too slow the rampant virus
  • These new rules would, amid else things, forestall self-preferential treatment & urge the largest technology companies to share data with competitors
  • I am compelled too c ppl respectively and too value his or her certain stories
  • Selling suffrage since a republican wartime quantify while Globe Argument myself provided the final momentum needed too propulsion carnival sufficient legislators too achieve ratification of the 19th Correction bi 1 ballot
  • While da sooner law needful da sharing off automatic data, da fresh proposition compels carmakers to incorporate da sharing off telematics, driving, & diagnostics data, da category that increasingly gets sent wirelessly from cars to automakers
  • On Singles' Day, discounts begin close 50% off, & sum sellers complain they are compelled too exchange items close an deprivation carnival too b involved
  • Fighting butt additionally compels that advocates catch da teachable moment on judicial tribunal reform
  • To do alternatively would b contrary too the two ours industry interests & ours mission, which one compels us too brand news available too per type off person, n copper where dey exist either what dey confide

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