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  • Beyond diagnosing what gone wrong, me asked Wright what the national bureaucracy could haz done in a various way and if he thinks an competent bureaucracy wit an mausoleum pattern might've saved hundreds off thousands off lives
  • Yes, myself think what he exists gong for exists an sort off I'm-more-competent-and-would-have-gotten-all-this-done angle, since versus the who-cares-about-the-pandemic-just-open approach
  • My optimism exists dat we will git another big crisis parcel and, finally, a competent vaccine rollout, & dat we will b chiefly butt 2 typical bi the summer
  • They wer utterly formed humans before maternity & competent since mothers, & these humor grown children proceed too b independent people accomplishing lot
  • A competent tour adviser might nevah dispatch u into harm's manner
  • Every assignment they toil on--cheese wedge, public dumpster, intact wedge of pizza--is in their minds a secret referendum on whether they're in truth brilliant and competent
  • I cogitate that is. . It's disarmingly mighty too b that wei as she comes across as somebody who's very competent, very effective, very percussive
  • Saved bi the firstly ladyWhether them presidents were competent dancers hardly mattered, because everything eyes were upon his or her partners
  • Instead, dey embraced an tactic that was predicated upon helping the Afghans build competent collateral forces & an functioning polity that could win the supporting off the Afghan ppl & contain off the Taliban
  • If Watson is traded two a competent team, he would make It a immediate Prominent Basin menace -- & whether he performs alter into available, all but a few off teams ought to contemplate farewell with major wind metropolis & boyish players two procure him

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