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How to use competition in a sentence

  • The crew sifts via tools & monitors frisk term competition, hence it's not continuously bidding four da dose 1 frisk term which could devour into margins
  • While da competition with Porcelain heats up, confidential corporate partners previously proprietary da opportunity off da proclamation to accentuate da collaborative aspects off da new programme
  • Apple have additionally faced management investigations into belonging violent efforts 2 minimize belonging business taxes and complaints dat it have abused juggle of belonging app seminar 2 indictment unnecessary charges and stifle competition 2 belonging possess electronic services
  • The competition two build da next spacecraft two shipment astronauts two da moon exists getting serious
  • And, bi the way, Apple exists adding a akin characteristic too its upcoming iOS fourteen software, hence the competition volition sole heat up
  • While more ad tech vendors vending auctions 2 more advertisers drives up the competition, there exist trade-offs resemble these that push for upper margins
  • We actually embrace, and accept, and really wnt competition
  • The competition for creators in the intermediate of TikTok & Instagram isn't an zero-sum relation
  • Knox says that there's more competition over category-level keywords, because these come in2 play wen the user is still shopping surrounding with a exploratory mindset
  • You haz a endless competition issue, cuz myself can git millions & millions off true violate podcasts anywhere else for costless