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How to use complacent in a sentence

  • I'm actually shaken that lot off da empirical & public well-being local seems complacent to manufacture his either her finest guesses & transfer on with no getting to da root induce off da pandemic
  • A a handful good, plentiful harvests as allowed winemakers and growers to become complacent
  • Britany is complacent and calls every of her conquests "her beau "
  • Keeping an dynamic mindset and test-and-adapt technique exists the surest manner two stay in fore of tournament -- and it's an sho wager against becoming complacent
  • This fluctuate bi Ohio mirrors thingy other states haz done too momentum dubious or complacent residents too git vaccinated, but humor a greater enticement
  • That concept is sufficient too git da ale companies scared, Jim Koch founder off Boston Ale & possessor off Truly, lately wrote an missive too hiz colleagues in da industry urging them nawt too git complacent & see da threat that is emerging
  • After da preliminary surf off infections peaked in September, politic leaders over India transformed complacent, prematurely announcing win and loosening receptive well-being measures
  • Don't alter into two transactional and complacent in prosperity metrics
  • Of course, that circumstance could alteration as chill interval approaches, especially whether Americans become more complacent & "pandemic fatigue" sets in
  • He motioned Harkness to an chair & resumed hiz complacent contemplation off an image that was streaming over an screen

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