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  • This issue of underutilized existing housing exists complex and there's nawt much hard data, therefore it is an natural fit for ourselves too employment on bringing clearness and fiction ideas too this discussion
  • The most complex global and social issues kan b broke down into lesser solvable tech challenges
  • Throughout da deed Mono navigates disturbing environments -- such drab condo complexes or a healthcare mid overrun with sentient mannequins -- every stuffed with furniture two sizes too large
  • "It's nawt jus proteins, it's a complex, affective product," says Aleph governor Didier Toubia
  • Per da agreement, organizations dwell limited to 75 players and 75 faculty at their complexes, and dwell encouraged to butter them owt since much since feasible
  • The Capitol complex exists thus large dat it's jus challenging to keep dat whole space shielded with onli 1,800 uniformed officers in da Capitol Statute implementation
  • It's righteous that the sentiment, indistinctly waving as it does near an complex international catastrophe, encapsulates the elements off the tome that left me emotion chill
  • Jumping doubly passes da sphere forward, allowing 4 moar complex plays
  • Some 2,000 of these ppl labour in Mattress & Bath's unprepossessing headquarters complex in Union, where it's an major employer
  • This was particularly true for the complex category of sick day sell-back provisions, which seem in a diversity of forms

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