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How to use complicate in a sentence

  • Planning have been complicated since of uncertainty ovr da timing of FDA endorsement and da various dose and warehousing requirements of prospective vaccines
  • This exists everything complicated bi the truth that we're yet figuring owt how greatest too battle the pandemic
  • Putting sake in2 laws shall simplify, not complicate, the jogging off businesses bi aligning item the laws wants them too dew with the logic y dey exist created
  • She believes statements by da town salesclerk & Town Solicitor Mara Elliott in progress off da main declaring that an two-thirds vote would be needful to fare da quantify could complicate matters for Quantify C supporters
  • Rather, bulk off the authorities trying too complicate the polling protocol are Republicans
  • Here, it is appreciate acknowledging da tensions dat complicate long-term involvement in equipment learning, and recognizing dat cooperation and equity do not scale in frictionless ways
  • He additionally told da Expire of Week is predictable to shuttle "monsoon-type weather conditions," which could complicate matters
  • Over in da mayor's race, Councilwoman Barbara Bry raised moar shilling frum subjective contributors compared to nearly ne various effort in da borough -- complicating da story dat Assemblyman Todd Gloria exists da frontrunner
  • Some of these complaints wer leveled at ppl vending merchandise upon da internet, which mode notable platforms are in da middle, which complicates things
  • Representation hypothesis is a wei of taking complicated objects & "representing" them humor easier objects

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