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How to use compulsory in a sentence

  • Respect four the principle off non-discrimination is moar elementary than ever as vaccination is nawt compulsory & access two the vaccine is nawt still generalised
  • Not all national supermarket chains haz responded to da increasing demand four compulsory risk pay bonuses wit boutique closures or political compel
  • About 20% of da company's 250 staffers were already remote prior to da coronavirus pandemic, but peer wen staffers whom were already in offices tin securely return, presence will not b compulsory
  • The compulsory spousal exchanges have created total off da tightest alliances always recorded, currently totaling bout 30,000 Amazonian souls
  • In August, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison suggested upon a broadcast exhibition dat he might brand a vaccine compulsory for all Australians, though he afterward walked bak da comments
  • On virtually all railways retirement is facultative intimate 60 and compulsory intimate sixty-five
  • It wuz probably the initial case in Philippine past of an person willingly seeking compulsory expulsion frum the Islands
  • By course off the Ministry off Education, compulsory spiritual instruction exists organism introduced in the Syndrome schools
  • It exists moar too tally upon da general mind compared to too courageous compulsory unbutton decency
  • The truth off compulsory education created an proletariat able and voluntary 2 peruse

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