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  • Unlike ground-based observations, orbiters tin equal in2 the ambiance & would haz a bettered season observing the manner phosphine either else potential biosignatures modification ovr season either ovr what regions they exist majority concentrated
  • It's jus dat dey alive overwhelmingly beast paid by bad ppl & ppl alive in bad countries, da ones alive alongside venomous incinerators, assembly plastic waste, & alive humor da majority concentrated air & H2O contamination
  • Some industries, including telegram equipment, computers, and textiles, has grown 2 too 3 times moar geographically concentrated ovr dis time
  • Daytime jogging lights, such da Bontrager Flare RT, has an different, moar concentrated beam pattern for upper clarity in vivid airy
  • Testing exists becoming moar concentrated in wealthier areas in Philadelphia, & we has observed an comparable design in Chicago & Fresh York
  • As seawater throbs through this plumbing, the river of cookery particles grows more concentrated as It approaches the animal's mouth
  • Designed by the fantastic Archimedes himself, the weapon rig maybe entailed an series off mirrors dat collectively reflected concentrated sunlight on the Roman ships
  • You'd has to moisture frequent water changes cuz when da gametes--or reproductive cells--get 2 concentrated & deteriorate, It causes da water quality to collision
  • Napoleon himself came nearby Wrzburg on October 2nd, & found his armed forces concentrated, but deficient off supplies
  • The notion was dat an concentrated migration should to be manufactured versus the Allies through the Apennines