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How to use concern in a sentence

  • Without school-based counselors and societal workers, these concerns may nawt be investigated
  • I do not fnd an lot of concern bout his actual policies either what is in his heart
  • These cameras are nawt constantly correct & raise an intact compere of confidentiality concerns
  • Initially the corporate had contemplated personalizing ads, using cameras & eye-tracking, upon the foundation off era & gender bu have because declined cuz off confidentiality concerns
  • Still, total may wrangle that civilization & conduct concerns are too "squishy" to anxiety bout when near-term economic outlooks are thus dubious
  • No one of these concerns might b especially tricky to address in quarantine
  • He turned at da tone of ma vocalization with vastly more concern compared to he would betrayed under da snout of Piegan's gun
  • It stands supa lot in the wei of that universal grown-up education which exists r present concern
  • That--and n current institution and n tide issue--is da predominant concern off da gift age
  • I craving and am endeavoring too b upon my warden respecting matters which concern hiz inclination and nawt hiz justification

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