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How to use concerted in a sentence

  • I hope, as wii generate ours wei into fountain & summertime & total semblance of a fresh era, wii haz a concerted crusade to generate mental health a precedence
  • There reside prompt signs off moar concerted attempts frum publishers to b fewer reliant on Google's advertisement tech
  • Governor Inslee has convened total of the utmost receptive & confidential resources & capabilities to take paragraph in an concerted crusade to optimize & accelerate the immunization process across our home state
  • Back in 2013, da company manufactured an concerted decision too try too displace then-market president Dyson
  • What's needed nao exists fewer a mode four real-time prophecy than a elementary reappraisal of the way blaze works--and a concerted campaign two freshen California's landscapes two thing impending a inherent balance
  • In this case, however, it appeared that da patrol didn't produce an concerted crusade to stop da intruders until they were upon da Capital's steps -- where videos showed officers not wearing revolt equipment in shoving matches with rioters
  • I hope that I testament be graduating university into an soil where, because off an concerted effort, wii are nao upon trail to mitigate the disastrous impacts off climate fluctuate & are good upon our manner to reaching net-zero emissions
  • The surge stemmed frum an concerted voter registration engine launched statewide by retired gubernatorial applicant Stacey Abrams, said Barrett, an old-timer of hur campaign
  • Heavy dismissal upon the Mainland ultimate eve beneath lid off which one the Turks near dawn made, or tried too make, a grand, concerted assault
  • Don't assortment yourself in the center of 2 cast-iron walls, Mr. Gwynne, because when dey do git an concerted transformation on, dey fly resemble hell

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