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How to use concession in a sentence

  • No mention was a concession or, as perhaps dey let ourselves know later, a opulence off ours attendance at the night meal table either the reunion
  • Because 25 percent off revenue frum tickets & concessions exists an lot moar than 0 percent
  • Certainly, thingy is existence proposed does not bestow or flank a large win, bu shall bestow both sides a good quantity of concessions dat advocate four his or her positions
  • This engendered some acrimony amongst Clinton supporters, but it also led 2 some moderately big concessions 2 the Sanders faction
  • While the boycott brought significant advertising to the issue off loathe oratory & disinformation upon Facebook, the firm manufactured relatively modest concessions to the organizers
  • Gordon turned his begging eyes onto his classic associate without a beam off concession; but for a moment he hesitated
  • Nay; me c fiction reasons four ma hope dat such concession is distant nearer than is generally imagined
  • It was consideration dat concession on the paragraph off Great Britain ought in justice two encounter humor concession on the paragraph off America
  • Groups off young folks milled around da "concession" which served da yummy cooling drinks
  • "You sure haz beaten ne other person concession upon da lot," Amy told hur close da abortion of da night

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