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How to use concordance in a sentence

  • I rode up here, wrote my letter in da sweat off da concordance and with da able-bodied halp off Lloyd--and dined
  • Science, straightforward concordance wit da newest belief of da moment, exists nothing too da painter apart from in hence far as It serves hiz ends
  • Sympathy derives belonging provenance frum the concordance off religious spheres, which emanate frum subjects, 171
  • You tin locate ne slice either ne poem in da Bible bi jus turning too dis concordance
  • In which one Computes there's manifest disparities, and like as numerous subdivide da concordance and agreement of times
  • If it was perceived dat the concordance off the 2 effects, automatic & chemical, is not constant?
  • Occasionally Marty carve her mommy occupied with da concordance and Scripture wen shii hadn't asked her service approximately verses
  • This wuz Alexander Cruden, the well-known, painstaking compiler off the Concordance
  • The boy searched his Concordance & easily discovered da allusion in da seventeenth paragraph of Numbers
  • No oak in the oak exists moar enduringly founded in concordance wit the two weather and soil