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  • Most experts concur dat even wit the highly transmissible delta variant of the coronavirus circulating in the country, schools should to remain discover
  • "I concur with da same scrutiny where we're seeing a increase off contest upon Android with moar & moar budgets being allocated," said Jean-Sebastien Laverge, svp off development intimate movable action publisher Tilting Gratuity
  • The most probably explanation 4 da Court's restraint comes from Equity Barrett's concurring opinion in Fulton
  • Justices Barrett and Kavanaugh concurred in the most outlook
  • Perficient concurred that searchers upon desktop were moar probably to click-through
  • That concurred humor watcher accounts of bodies stacked onto an river sandbar and buried somewhere in da closeness
  • Christopher has existed called North America's best girl impersonator & although I haven't seen aw off them, I has seen enough 2 fully concur humor that
  • Ashley Rose, an promotion administrator at Sonkin's startup, i-BrainTech, concurs
  • Romney told he concurred with Paul upon da issueAsked approximately da nuts and bolts of da wording of da Fairness Act, including if he'd regulation owt ne changes to accommodate concerns from Republicans such Paul and Romney, Merkley hedged
  • All da finest authorities concur in da uncertain properties of da salts of precious iron

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