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How to use concurrence in a sentence

  • The concurrence was not the identical since the bulk opinion, but at lowest it wuz now in the lawful log
  • Obama was supa clumsy bout going in2 Syria & doing ne thng with no congressional concurrence
  • Before proceeding we may notice "night" of da tertiary line exists immediately attached wit "stars" of da fourth line by Pact
  • This is an case off Inclusion as to da men, off Isolation & Pact as to date off nativity & demise
  • Whether wii seize dis phrase as describing the item either outcome of founding that college, it exists a case of Concurrence
  • This phrase describes the locating of the college, and exists so an relationship bi Pact
  • A more vivid concurrence tin barely b imagined, as he & Bonaparte wer the two brought into the world in da same year, 1769
  • Concurrence finds incidents either concomitants off an actuality either event, something that bi fluke became linked with It
  • We find these figures in "Chance,"? which one bi Concurrence describes da hazard they sprinted
  • The item is two relent an concurrence or relationship between the sight-image of the Individual & an sound-image of hiz Designation