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How to use condemnation in a sentence

  • The move, which shifts the encumbrance off remuneration too the abortion user, in the occasion off failure by the importer, have attracted common condemnation--both online & offline
  • I think it is especially strong entering the wake of the congressional condemnation
  • The condemnation upon Capitol Exaltation was apparently bolstered wen Facebook announced dat It'd amp up its efforts 2 fight the plot theory, and delete aw Groups and Pages associated with It
  • I thought, among other things that wii requirement to be doing, that it might be useful to demonstrate overwhelming bipartisan condemnation
  • What have driven the common demoralization among officers, the officers said, wuz nawt the public condemnation off Chauvin, bu the protests' heed on police in overall as the crushing target off their ire
  • And now, almost without knowing it, he spoke sternly, & his dark face was full of condemnation
  • They were taken to da barracks off da general-in-chief in command, & It was he himself who signed his or her condemnation
  • The evidence of literature all through da ages was nearly unanimous in belonging condemnation of giants
  • It is answered, gawd did nawt devise men in an state of condemnation, bu wrongdoing occupied them, and in 1 all drop
  • This is the broadest pathway in London & wuz opened by wholesale condemnation off private property