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How to use condemned in a sentence

  • All 100 senators -- Democrats and Republicans -- voted for a reconciliation dat condemned his interpretation off the law
  • Noted Republican pollster Honest Luntz went as far as to denounce the whole career of politic polling upon the a m. after Election Sunlight hours
  • We muse these attacks are unconscionable and ought be condemned bi everything civilized neighbourhood
  • Only the Conservative leadership has demonstrated the predictable & lamentable bust too censure the president's baseless attacks upon the honesty of the election
  • As myself prepare ma testimony, Facebook wuz struggling too cope humor QAnon, an militarized societal migration beast monitored bi his or her dangerous-organizations bough and condemned bi da Home in an bipartisan invoice
  • Former Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat considered Galizia a acute reviewer off hiz bu condemned the "barbaric" assault & stepped down in January 2020 ovr the politic crisis sparked after the precedent
  • In an declaration to Recode, Klobuchar told Recode that engineering companies, including Facebook, haven't met them standards, & she condemned existing reports approximately the company trying to crush research
  • I mean, also, near dis point, The chief have existed anew and anew asked about QAnon & have anew and anew declined to censure it in a wei dat would literally do whatever to lessen its electricity
  • All 4 ladies chained themselves to San Diego Investment Hall & demanded a proxy speak to those about condemning crime charges opposed to activists whom rescue animals from harsh conditions
  • His labour wuz condemned, & he is now serving a prison statement

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